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New Lakai and Nike SB Shoes

Just in time for spring, we got in some new Lakai and Nike SB shoes. The Guymar from Lakai is definitely one you’re going to want to pick up. With a new and roomier toe cap, custom luxe-lite insole and VLK Performance sole construction, Guy Mariano’s new shoe is built to skate in and will be super sweet on the feet.

Lakai Guymar for Sale in Buffalo NY
Lakai Guymar (Aluminum/Suede) – $69.99



Along with the new Guymar, we have in two classics from Lakai. The comfortable Griffin and the minimalist Camby Mid.

Lakai Griffin Navy in Buffalo NY
Lakai Griffin (Navy/Gum) – $64.99
Lakai Camby Mid in Military - Buffalo NY
Lakai Camby Mid (Military/Suede) – $69.99



Check out the new Janoskis from Nike SB we got in as well. New in stock is the Lunar Janoski offering ultra lightweight cushioning, enhanced grip and flexibility, and additional padded tongue for a snug fit.

Lunar Janoski Obsidian for Sale in Buffalo NY
Nike SB Lunar Janoski (Obsidian) – $109.99
Nike SB Janoski (Dark Grey) – $84.99
Nike SB Janoski (Sail/Grey) – $84.99


Shoes are still buy a pair, get the second pair half off so stock up. Stop in, snag two pairs, and get out there. Sun’s shining…

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Adidas Shoes and New Decks

Finally seeing some nice weather so there’s no excuse to say you can’t skate. Oh and we now have Adidas shoes in. The Busenitz and the Adi-Ease. Busenitz has a little more cushioning and padding that the Adi-Ease but that’s due to the fact that the Adi-Ease is a vulc shoe. Not saying it’s a lesser shoe but it’s a simple and clean looking shoe. Also we just got a variety of new decks in. Habitat, Deathwish, Expedition One, DGK, Almost, Enjoi and a lesser known brand called The Friend Ship Skateboards. They’re a refreshing reminder of how skateboarding is meant to be fun and carefree; promo vid on the bottom of the page featuring Nick Sommer. Online shop still a work in progress, along with the revamping of the site…

Adidas Skateboarding Busenitz Shoe in Buffalo NY

Grey/White Adidas Adi-Ease in Buffalo NY


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New ThirtyTwo & Nike SB Boots

We’re a little late on updating the new products section for the ’14-’15 Winter Season but we’re making attempts so back off. Here’s some of the new ThirtyTwo and Nike SB boots we just got in. Take a look, some of these are hawt.


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New Shop Tees

We just finished cranking out a wide variety of shop tees that are now available for purchase at the shop. Sizes range from M – XL and are available in a selection of different colors and logos. Come get one before they’re gone. Limited supply.  The ones located below are just a few of what we came up with.

Pocket Tees are $15.99 and the non-pocket tees are $13.99. If you purchase an item over $20, you get the shirt half off. Cheers.

*Scientific studies by Scientists have proved that these shirts will make you 95% more attractive and 110% better at skating.

**Results not guaranteed.

***Wash when necessary.






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ThirtyTwo Gear

2014 ThirtyTwo Boots & Outerwear

Phatman Boardshop

ThirtyTwo Boots and Softgoods are in. Easy, easy…we know you’re itching to come see what goodies we got in so we’ll show you a few pictures of the inventory. Put your pants back on.

photo 1

Prion, Lashed, TM-Two, JP Walker Light….the list goes on

photo 1 copyPeanut Butter & Jelly. Crab Grab & ThirtyTwo. Perfect.

photo 3

photo 4

Change That Tape Scott Stevens TM-Two. Wah-pow.

photo 3 copy 2

photo 5

This flannel is the comfiest thing ever. Will get you chicks guaranteed. Or works as blanket if you’re going homeless for October to save up for a season pass.

photo 3 copy

photo 2 copy

photo 5 copy 2


Yeah Mikey.


Nice Backside.

photo 5 copy


 Snowboard boots?…never heard of ’em


Power stance.

Video of the day. Dillon Ojo’s full part. Shit, he’s talented.

 Winter is right around the corner. The boots are in, the base grinder is ready to go and our Schussmeisters Limo Event is coming up next Thursday. Head to our Facebook page or Schussmeisters page to get the details on that. Pretty fun night, this year will be filled with deals, debauchery and cornhole. That’s right, cornhole. The bean bag game. Smell you guys later.



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Stuff that’s New

 New Snowboards, Boots & Bindings and New Skate Shoes

Been lacking on the new product posting. Our bad. We’ll make it up by posting some pictures of some new product in the shop. Also, Come get your boards tuned before the first snow falls and everyone rushes in.

Snowboard Boots


Burton’s Rampant & Hail. Rampant’s softer, better for park. And the Hail is a stiff All-mountain boot. Try on both and see what you like.

nike-vapen-gamma 14-m-bt-nk-vape-bv

Yeah, the rumors are true. We’re carrying Nike Snowboarding. We have the Vapen in stock with two colorways. Gamma & Black/Blue.


Limited Edition Union x Capita Collab Thunderstick Flite Bindings. These are rare. Like the Bills making a solid draft pick within the past ten years rare. Beneath the bindings is the brand spankin’ NEW Capita Thunderstick. This board will make your friends jealous, girls want you and empower you with three-eyed tiger abilities. Although none of this is true, it’s a bad ass traditional camber board that can rip all over the mountain.

Onto new skate shoes…


Vans Lindero in Navy Blue. Vulcanized with Waffle Grip. Classic like the hot dog.


There’s a saying that you’re not supposed to mess with an Englishman or an Englishman’s mother or their tea or something but these are the new Vans Rowley Pro models. If you’ve seen his Battle Commander then you know these are weapons of mass shreduction. Just don’t say anything about his mum.


Finally the Nike Koston 2’s. Black on Gum sole. Lunarlon insole. One piece toe cap. Great boardfeel. Got a feeling Koston will eventually switch careers and become a golfer. He’s hooked up anyways.

That’s a quick update for you guys. We’ll be getting a ton of new product in during the month for the winter season. Once we get it all settled, we’ll put up as much product as we can. We ARE trying to run a business here. Jeez. Adios.

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Back to School kicks from Emerica.

It is our pleasure to present The Reynolds Low. 


Lightweight. Comfortable. And Breathable. Actually Breathable is an understatement. Carries the full-length G6 high-rebound foam. Great for heavy impact landings. Clean one piece toe cap for better flick and durability. Pretty much a gift sent by the Shoe Gods.

Can’t beat a Classic. Especially with Brandon Westgate’s signature on ’em.
The Heritic Westgate.


The Heritic Westgate has a nice foam footbed to provide your puppies with an ability to have softer landings without comprising durability. The Heritics have been classics for more than a decade. It’s always a good feeling to have a shoe you can trust. We believe in The Heritic.

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Delivery from Nike SB


Koston 2 from Nike. Lunarlon insole. One piece toe cap. Perforated tongue and heel allows for better ventilation. No more sweaty, smelly feet. Great cushion, ever better boardfeel and control. Koston wears ’em and look where he is. Self explanatory.


Nike Team Edition 2. Brown and Black colorway. Great shoe for boardfeel with a vulcanized rubber sole. Easy to break in and start skating with right away. Or kick back and have a few cold ones while wearing them. Your choice. We do a little bit of both.


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Endless Summer

It’s August. July’s gone and now it’s almost time to head back to classes. Bummer of a feeling or not if you’re into learning and reading. Regardless, usually you have a late summer vacation planned to stun the feeling of going back to the grind in the fall. We feel the same way. So we have decided to throw a few outfits together that will help you catch that babe’s eye on the beach or at the kan jam session. If you purchase the outfit pictured, you’ll get 10% off your total as well as receiving a complimentary Vans Trucker Hat.

photo 1

Fourstar Tank with Volcom Frickin Mod Chino Short

photo 2

LRG Core Collection Stripe Tank with LRG CC Icon Boardshort

photo 3

Vans Core Basic Tank with Volcom Maguro Solid Boardshort

photo 4Vans Glenway Tank with the Volcom 38er Boardshort

So there you have a few outfits from us but we’re positive you have a pretty solid fashion sense as well, so feel free to pair any boardshort with a tank top and receive 10% off and a free Vans Trucker hat. The only thing missing is a sunburn and maybe a new summer fling. Enjoy Vacation. Or Classes. Or both if you’re Jeff Spicoli.


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Sock Sundays

sock Sunday

image_6The Uncommon Thread. You can’t beat a pair of socks from Stance. From the combed cotton to the deep heel pockets and the seamless toe closure, their products are the Cadillacs of socks. For skating, shredding or just kickin’ back, they have a style for you. We got Snowboard pairs, Skate pairs, and pairs for that one cousin’s wedding who you’ve never met but got the invite anyway. Every Sunday will be Sock Sunday which means buy one pair of Stance socks and get the 2nd pair 20% off. Happy Sunday.

image_3The hole in sock bum look is good for about a month until you have to get a job. Unless that job is being a lifeguard. If that’s the case then there’s no shame wearing socks and sandals and being a shoobie while pretending to supervise a local seniors only pool.