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Phatman Goes to Mt. Bachelor

If you haven’t seen, which you probably haven’t because we didn’t really pay too much attention to social media while we were out there but, some of us headed out to Mt. Bachelor on the Schuss Excursion Trip last week. A few words to describe the trip are no tax, powder, bluebird days, trollfoot, decriminalization, fish tacos, breweries, park laps and dollar drinks. Oregon is a hell of state. And the city of Bend is one hospitable town. Free pizza and lasagna, shit, might as well throw in free drinks and continental breakfasts. Oh that’s right, you guys did. Next time you face the decision of a place to go for a trip, choose Mt. Bachelor. Creative park, tree runs for days, tasty bloody marys and it’s where Superpark takes place. Go ahead and try to argue. There is some footage that’s being processed right now into a nice little edit so you’ll have to wait for that but it’s a Phatman x Schussmeisters collab. Which we are real stoked for. To hold you over, we’ll post some pictures. And if you’re wondering what Trollfoot means, well…you just had to be there.

In other news, save the date for Feb. 9th. cause we have our 2nd Annual Alix Rice Peace Park Fundraiser at the Main-Transit Fire Hall. Click here to learn more about it and all the fun stuff we got going on there. As you know by now, we’ve been trying to get this skatepark built in honor of Alix Rice and to add to the number of parks in Buffalo. So come out and show some support so we can get this thing built. That’s it and all for now. Keep your eye out for an edit. Stay tuned…

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