Nobody likes a slow ride…unless you’re 76 years old, rolling in your Buick LaCrosse towards your 4 o’clock Old Country Buffet dinner. Ever seen water interact with wax? Water likes to stick together, like Joanie and Chachi, in a process called cohesion. When you introduce a substance like wax into the mix, it interrupts this process and actually repels it. Hence why waxing skis or snowboards is necessary to increase your speed and glide on snow.

That may have just been the most scientific paragraph we’ve ever written. Soak it up because you’re not going to read something so intellectual again until you pick up an organic chemistry textbook or browse an article in The Economist discussing the complexity theory.

We do wax, base grind, and edge skis and boards but we are so much more. We can fix gouges, edges (depending on how bad it is) and bindings.

Price per service

  • Full Tune Up (Base Grind, Edging, Hot Wax) – $32
  • Edging – $16
  • Hot Wax – $16
  • Base Gouge Fix – $5*
  • Bindings Fix – Determined by fix time
  • Set Bindings to Board and Boots – $20 (If you didn’t buy the boots, bindings, or board from us)

*If it’s a giant coreshot, the price is going to be larger due to a longer time required for us to repair it properly. You can’t rush perfection.

If you have any questions about replacement parts or any other repair service, give us a call at 716-837-8743