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A Thank You

We want to say thanks to everybody who made it out to the premiere of Capita’s Defenders of Awesome 2: Stay Bad Ass at the shop last night. Without dedicated fans and incredibly helpful reps, we wouldn’t be able to have hosted such an event. The parking lot jam was dope with Nick B, Jon O, Sam, Frank, Tim, Carlos and everybody else killing it on the janky ass boxes and quarter pipe that may require you to get a tetanus shot if you slam on it the wrong way. The inaugural mini pipe session was gnarly and definitely broke her in. People walked away with some brand new decks, coozies, shirts and a shit ton of other merch courtesy of Dan from Flour City Distribution (Thanks Dan!).

Stay tuned for postings on some scheduled mini pipe parties in the near future. Stay Bad Ass.

You thought Sleepy Stevens was the one of the most creative snowboarders? Now he’s one of the most innovative skateboarders.


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Capita Defenders of Awesome 2: Stay Bad Ass Movie Premiere

Bad Ass Prem
Clear your schedule, cancel your anniversary dinner, and tell your Grandma that you’re going to have bail on that game of Bridge with her and her AARP members. We’re throwing a Movie Premiere party for the highly anticipated, action packed, 2nd installment of Capita’s Defenders of Awesome: STAY BADASS. The movie premiere party will be on September 26th at the shop and will start around 7PM. There’s going to be some product tosses and prizes for coming and we’ll be doing some good ol’ fashioned BBQing and having a few games of SKATE in the parking lot before we put the film on the big screen.

We’ve always backed cooking meat and playing games of SKATE before movie premieres. It’s just the American thing to do. So mark the date in your iPhone, Galaxy or whatever other mobile device that’s the size of your head’s calendar and get ready for one hell of a movie from Capita. Check out the event on Facebook for more details as well. SEE YOU THERE. Video trailer below. Click to play.

When: Sept 26th

Time: 7 PM

Where: 2889 Sheridan Dr

BBQ & Games of SKATE followed by the premiere of CAPITA DEFENDERS OF AWESOME 2: STAY BAD ASS


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Why to be a Snowboard Bum, Flour City’s Edit & Nyjah Huston

We all have dreams and ambitions. Firefighter, Entrepreneur, Pet Store Owner…etc. But dig deep down and find your inner bum. There’s a part of all of us that wants to get up and go to a resort town to bum it for a few years, hell, maybe even life if you’re committed. Living the life of riding 60+ days a year and eating a combination of ramen, free soup crackers and tap water really doesn’t sound so bad. So how come you haven’t got up, packed a few pairs of underwear and your board and left town yet? Maybe because of financial stress? Credit card bills? Girlfriend? Forget about that stuff and live the dirtbag life. Here’s 5 Reasons why.

  1. You get to ride all season long at Resort. Granted you bought a season pass. And if you didn’t, well you just made the biggest mistake of attempting be a bum in a resort town.
  2. Your new job is probably pretty simple. If you’re living in a resort town, get a job. We’re not talking some crazy super responsible job but every restaurant needs a dishwasher. It’ll pay for your seasons pass if you save up and sometimes you can even work at the mountain’s restaurants.
  3. You have no real residence which means no more credit card bills! Crash on some guy’s couch or get an apartment if you want to be fancy.
  4. Showers? Never heard of ’em.
  5. Older Resort town ladies buy you beer. Maybe more if they’re feeling frisky. Hey, who ever said having a sugar mama was a bad idea?

So there’s 5 pretty convincing reasons to leave your 9-5er behind and go enjoy the freedom of living the snowboard bum life. You might even get lucky and make friends with a guy who happens to run a company that they need a waterboy for and boom, endless product and a weekly paycheck for life.


This could be you. Naked, Shredding, and full of life. 

In other news, did you get a chance to see Trickapedia today? I mean it is Tuesday. and Andrew Reynolds is up at the plate. Serving up a Nollie Frontside 360. Click here to watch. And if you haven’t seen this yet, well, you’re just living underneath a rock cause you can hate him but god dammit, you better respect him. Nyjah Huston’s Fade to Black.

If you don’t know, now you know…Our dear friends at Flour City Distribution have released an edit. They’re our dealer for ThirtyTwo, Coal, Capita, Union & Crab Grab! Also they offer Howl and Ashbury and Poler Stuff. Check this shit out. Solid edit with some up & coming young bucks. Boom shaka laka.

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Stuff that’s New

 New Snowboards, Boots & Bindings and New Skate Shoes

Been lacking on the new product posting. Our bad. We’ll make it up by posting some pictures of some new product in the shop. Also, Come get your boards tuned before the first snow falls and everyone rushes in.

Snowboard Boots


Burton’s Rampant & Hail. Rampant’s softer, better for park. And the Hail is a stiff All-mountain boot. Try on both and see what you like.

nike-vapen-gamma 14-m-bt-nk-vape-bv

Yeah, the rumors are true. We’re carrying Nike Snowboarding. We have the Vapen in stock with two colorways. Gamma & Black/Blue.


Limited Edition Union x Capita Collab Thunderstick Flite Bindings. These are rare. Like the Bills making a solid draft pick within the past ten years rare. Beneath the bindings is the brand spankin’ NEW Capita Thunderstick. This board will make your friends jealous, girls want you and empower you with three-eyed tiger abilities. Although none of this is true, it’s a bad ass traditional camber board that can rip all over the mountain.

Onto new skate shoes…


Vans Lindero in Navy Blue. Vulcanized with Waffle Grip. Classic like the hot dog.


There’s a saying that you’re not supposed to mess with an Englishman or an Englishman’s mother or their tea or something but these are the new Vans Rowley Pro models. If you’ve seen his Battle Commander then you know these are weapons of mass shreduction. Just don’t say anything about his mum.


Finally the Nike Koston 2’s. Black on Gum sole. Lunarlon insole. One piece toe cap. Great boardfeel. Got a feeling Koston will eventually switch careers and become a golfer. He’s hooked up anyways.

That’s a quick update for you guys. We’ll be getting a ton of new product in during the month for the winter season. Once we get it all settled, we’ll put up as much product as we can. We ARE trying to run a business here. Jeez. Adios.

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Port Colborne Edit!

So we decided to wander over to Port Colborne and see what they had to offer at their local park. Of course the camera was brought. Thanks Canada! You guys rule at poutine and skateparks. and hockey. and beer.

Hopefully we’ll be back over to skate the St. Catharines park soon. and snag some poutine.


This weather right now is a bummer but you can always go to x-wheels to get your fix. We’re starting to get some more snow stuff in so that’s pretty rad. Oh and we have those super ultra limited CAPiTA skate decks in. They’re all 8.25 so come on in and grab one. We just got some Coal Headwear products in. Looking like we’re gonna have a pretty fun season ahead of us. All last year’s snow stuff is still 30-50% off but you already know that by now. Also we love when people fall. Gotta love Thrasher’s Hall of Meat. But this could’ve easily been avoided. Just pop an ollie dude. C’mon man.

Even though falling is funny, it sucks when it happens to you but just get up and walk it off. Don’t be a wuss like every other kid that watches MTV and is afraid to take a tumble. Kids these days…anyways enjoy the rest of this god awful weather weekend and cozy up with your favorite film. I’m going with Fully Flared or Sorry. It’s not winter just yet.