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New ThirtyTwo Outerwear & Boots Are In!

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa come early.

That’s right. The ThirtyTwo goods are in. From boots to pants to jackets to hats. And also socks. A lot of socks.

Socks for both men and women, because everybody’s equal. Don’t let someone try to tell you otherwise.

Check out some of the ThirtyTwo boots we have in stock below. Everything from the Exit to the TMTwo to the Binary Boa. Whatever your needs or wants, chances are we can serve them. You want stiff and supportive? TMTwo. You want something to use in the park? Lashed. Beginner or on a budget? Exit.


A nice, full view of the entire men’s collection of ThirtyTwo Boots. Don’t worry ladies, your pictures are on the way.

And for the first time ever, maybe not the first time, but the first time in a long time, we are posting pictures of the available outerwear. Whether it’s an insulated jacket or something lighter for the beginning or ending of the season.

There ya go. A nice preview of our 2016-2017 ThirtyTwo Boot and Outerwear line. For the full thing, you’ll have to come into the shop and see for yourself. Call us for details, prices, general inquiries. Sorry the photos aren’t professional but let’s face it, an iPhone 6 Plus is just as professional as a Canon EOS 7D Mark II. Not really, but we can’t afford those kind of cameras.

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Thank You for Coming Out!

Thanks to everyone for coming out last night to the movie premiere of ThirtyTwo’s ‘2032’. We appreciate all the support and love from our customers, friends, and family. The movie premiere went off without a hitch, minus the whole projector not working but that’s why we have numerous TV’s around the shop. The beers were flowing, the minipipe was getting shredded and the tube steaks were being grilled to perfection. Couldn’t have asked for a better premiere. We look forward to seeing everybody again at the annual Mucho Jib Jam over at KB on the 14th of November. Here’s a few photos of some goons from the premiere. More will be added so don’t get butt hurt if you don’t see yourself. Cheers and thanks again.








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ThirtyTwo 2032 Movie Premiere

We’ll be hosting a Movie Premiere for the upcoming ThirtyTwo ‘2032’ movie on October 16th. The grill will be out along with the a skate setup outside the shop. There is going to be a game of SKATE for some prizes too. You’ll be able to skate and grab some hot dawgs before we play the movie. This event is free so don’t worry about hustling for some dollar bills. Call the shop for details on the event. We’ll see you there! Get stoked for the season. Watch the teaser below.

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Why to be a Snowboard Bum, Flour City’s Edit & Nyjah Huston

We all have dreams and ambitions. Firefighter, Entrepreneur, Pet Store Owner…etc. But dig deep down and find your inner bum. There’s a part of all of us that wants to get up and go to a resort town to bum it for a few years, hell, maybe even life if you’re committed. Living the life of riding 60+ days a year and eating a combination of ramen, free soup crackers and tap water really doesn’t sound so bad. So how come you haven’t got up, packed a few pairs of underwear and your board and left town yet? Maybe because of financial stress? Credit card bills? Girlfriend? Forget about that stuff and live the dirtbag life. Here’s 5 Reasons why.

  1. You get to ride all season long at Resort. Granted you bought a season pass. And if you didn’t, well you just made the biggest mistake of attempting be a bum in a resort town.
  2. Your new job is probably pretty simple. If you’re living in a resort town, get a job. We’re not talking some crazy super responsible job but every restaurant needs a dishwasher. It’ll pay for your seasons pass if you save up and sometimes you can even work at the mountain’s restaurants.
  3. You have no real residence which means no more credit card bills! Crash on some guy’s couch or get an apartment if you want to be fancy.
  4. Showers? Never heard of ’em.
  5. Older Resort town ladies buy you beer. Maybe more if they’re feeling frisky. Hey, who ever said having a sugar mama was a bad idea?

So there’s 5 pretty convincing reasons to leave your 9-5er behind and go enjoy the freedom of living the snowboard bum life. You might even get lucky and make friends with a guy who happens to run a company that they need a waterboy for and boom, endless product and a weekly paycheck for life.


This could be you. Naked, Shredding, and full of life. 

In other news, did you get a chance to see Trickapedia today? I mean it is Tuesday. and Andrew Reynolds is up at the plate. Serving up a Nollie Frontside 360. Click here to watch. And if you haven’t seen this yet, well, you’re just living underneath a rock cause you can hate him but god dammit, you better respect him. Nyjah Huston’s Fade to Black.

If you don’t know, now you know…Our dear friends at Flour City Distribution have released an edit. They’re our dealer for ThirtyTwo, Coal, Capita, Union & Crab Grab! Also they offer Howl and Ashbury and Poler Stuff. Check this shit out. Solid edit with some up & coming young bucks. Boom shaka laka.

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ThirtyTwo Gear

2014 ThirtyTwo Boots & Outerwear

Phatman Boardshop

ThirtyTwo Boots and Softgoods are in. Easy, easy…we know you’re itching to come see what goodies we got in so we’ll show you a few pictures of the inventory. Put your pants back on.

photo 1

Prion, Lashed, TM-Two, JP Walker Light….the list goes on

photo 1 copyPeanut Butter & Jelly. Crab Grab & ThirtyTwo. Perfect.

photo 3

photo 4

Change That Tape Scott Stevens TM-Two. Wah-pow.

photo 3 copy 2

photo 5

This flannel is the comfiest thing ever. Will get you chicks guaranteed. Or works as blanket if you’re going homeless for October to save up for a season pass.

photo 3 copy

photo 2 copy

photo 5 copy 2


Yeah Mikey.


Nice Backside.

photo 5 copy


 Snowboard boots?…never heard of ’em


Power stance.

Video of the day. Dillon Ojo’s full part. Shit, he’s talented.

 Winter is right around the corner. The boots are in, the base grinder is ready to go and our Schussmeisters Limo Event is coming up next Thursday. Head to our Facebook page or Schussmeisters page to get the details on that. Pretty fun night, this year will be filled with deals, debauchery and cornhole. That’s right, cornhole. The bean bag game. Smell you guys later.