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Walker Ryan’s Part & Welcome Skateboards

You should check out Walker Ryan’s Part “A Far Walk From Home”. Why? Cause there’s some pretty cool global spots in there and the man can switch flip and switch 360 flip over some gnarly stuff like a boss.


We’d also like to give you the inside scoop of what’s coming new to the shop. If you’ve heard of Welcome Skateboards, you’re in luck. The first thing you’ll notice about these is the deck shapes. Give a man a bandsaw and let the creativity explode. Now we won’t tell you which ones we having coming in but we can tell you that a have a good amount ordered. We suggest you go over and check out the shape guide here. The Time Traveler, Nimbus 3000 and Squidbeak are some of our favorites. The team’s skating is definitely unorthodox but there aren’t guidelines in skating so have at it. Pretty creative moves..

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Phatman Edit & Getting Old

Here it is. We finally got our shit together and made an edit. Enjoy!

And for most of us, getting old sucks. You lose hair, put on some weight (maybe not if you would get off of your couch and stop watching the battle at the berrics all damn day) and have to pay more bills. But the the fun part about skating is you can always push and throw down tricks that you know by heart. Just be careful not to slam because you might actually break something. I don’t know what I’m talking about, just watch this. Ishod’s SOTY trip. It’s nawwsty.

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Happy Hour

Happy Friday! Hopefully by now you’re out of school or work and enjoying a beverage at happy hour or skating into the weekend. We’re doing it too but we wanted to share this video with you from Brixton. Sip & Enjoy.

Get your Snowboard or Skis tuned now before we get slammed. Wide Selection of Snowboard Rentals available too. Also, Thanks to Schussmeisters & Holiday Valley¬†for another Solid Fifth Season Festival. We’ll be putting up pictures from the event pretty soon so be on the lookout for those. In other news, we just got new decks, wheels & trucks in from Eastern. Stop in to see the new selection and grab yourself a crispy deck, pair of shoes (we have Fallen, Habitat, Supra & Circa Shoes on Sale) and some apparel for the Fall & Winter. The Holiday season is coming up and we know you’re not the best at picking out gifts so we have Gift Certificates available for you. See? We just solved your holiday shopping problem. Have a good weekend, see some of you in Ellicottville for Oktoberfest and the Ski Swap. Grab a Board & Bindings for Cheap. WAH-POW!

This is for the ladies in the house. Burton Women’s Snowboarding. Harder than you.

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Port Colborne Edit!

So we decided to wander over to Port Colborne and see what they had to offer at their local park. Of course the camera was brought. Thanks Canada! You guys rule at poutine and skateparks. and hockey. and beer.

Hopefully we’ll be back over to skate the St. Catharines park soon. and snag some poutine.


This weather right now is a bummer but you can always go to x-wheels to get your fix. We’re starting to get some more snow stuff in so that’s pretty rad. Oh and we have those super ultra limited CAPiTA skate decks in. They’re all 8.25 so come on in and grab one. We just got some Coal Headwear¬†products in. Looking like we’re gonna have a pretty fun season ahead of us. All last year’s snow stuff is still 30-50% off but you already know that by now. Also we love when people fall. Gotta love Thrasher’s Hall of Meat. But this could’ve easily been avoided. Just pop an ollie dude. C’mon man.

Even though falling is funny, it sucks when it happens to you but just get up and walk it off. Don’t be a wuss like every other kid that watches MTV and is afraid to take a tumble. Kids these days…anyways enjoy the rest of this god awful weather weekend and cozy up with your favorite film. I’m going with Fully Flared or Sorry. It’s not winter just yet.