You’ll find all our skate and snowboard edits here. Some are really old but classics. We try to post new ones up consistently so check back in frequently. We just built a mini in the shop so we’re planning on creating some video edit series. If you have any edits that you feel are worthy, send ‘em over to us and we’ll judge on whether or not they make it up on the site.


Short Lived by Kyle Toth 

Short Lived from Kyle Toth on Vimeo.


Phatman Edit at Holiday Valley 
March 2014

Schussmeisters X Phatman Mt. Bachelor Excursion Edit 
January 2014

Port Colborne Skate Session
September 2013


Phatman Winter Teaser
Featuring Frank Knab


Expert Tuning with Wintersteiger Equipment


June 2011 Skate Jam
Shop jams are the shizzz
featuring: locals

June 2009 Skate Jam
I forgot to put this up…
featuring: locals

Stop Motion Product
featuring: new product

Mucho Jib Jam @ KB: November 2009
featuring: jib jammers

Phatman TV Commercials
featuring: Time Warner

Oh my god he’s so good someone get a sponsor…video
featuring: michael romantic

Medina Demo
featuring: medina people + phatman team

Red Bull Buttercup @ Snow Park
featuring: randoms

Dunkirk Park
featuring: russ, kyle, pete, drew, john and mikey

25 seconds with a painting
featuring: drew, kyle, universal

Toronto Cruisin: May 25th, 2009
featuring: ryan, mikey, matt, john

May Skate Jam: May 17th, 2009
featuring: people!

Phatman Video Trailer: Oct. 13, 2008
featuring: the team

Extra Footy: Sep. 2, 2008
featuring: kyle, aaron, drew, mikey