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Think back to 1994, you may have been alive or you might have been just a twinkle in your mom or dad’s eye. Clinton was in the White House, the Internet wasn’t filled with mind-numbing information, and Skating and Snowboarding were, this can be debated, in their rawest form. And during this time Phatman Boardshop was born. Phatman was created to provide Buffalo and all of Western New York, and even Canada, with quality Snowboard & Skateboard hardgoods, outerwear, apparel and overall life necessities. A goal we still aim for today.

The first Phatman shop was opened in the Lockport Mall and began to rise in popularity. As the 90’s progressed, so did Skateboarding and Snowboarding in Buffalo. This led to Phatman opening up shop in Orchard Park, Amherst and Tonawanda. We were everywhere supplying Snowboards, Skateboards, Surfboards (Yes, we did dip our toes into Surfing) Clothing, Shoes, pretty much everything that concerned skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing.

Just like with any local business, we needed to define our market and what our true passion was. We ended up dropping the Surfboards and focused on Skating and Snowboarding. That brings us to today…with our spacious and comfy brick & mortar store located on Sheridan Drive in Tonawanda. Unfortunately, the other 3 shop locations have closed down and we consolidated them into the store you see today. So whether you’ve known us since the beginning or are new to the area, we’ll give you the widest selection of Snowboard and Skateboard Hardgoods, Softgoods and Apparel for all ages. From hardened old-school veteran to helmet-wearing beginner.

Being Rider (& Family) owned and operated we’re committed to helping out the local area with Skate and Snowboard events & demos, BBQ’s, Fundraisers and all around good times. Check out the events page for upcoming demos/contests/BBQs and our Blog for Snowboard and Skateboard Rumors, Movie Premiers, Product Reviews and other shit. We have a phone number, 716-837-8743, Call it if you have questions or want more information on something. No Solicitors, get a real job. Any way we do try to keep up on Social Media but cut us some slack; we got into this for the love of Skating and Riding and we’re not just about to give that up. Unless our knees start to fail us. Follow us here – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Phatman Boardshop – Serving Snowboarding & Skateboarding in Buffalo since 1994.

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