7 Things Not To Do in a Skate/Snowboard Shop

Usually we’re carefree, lawless, rulebreakers who relish in the freedom that we can get away with a ton of stuff with little to no consequences. Perhaps a slap on the wrist or a lovely conversation with an officer of the law but there are some unwritten guidelines that we like to believe apply when you walk into a locally owned skate or snowboard shop. Not saying if you do this we’ll make you leave (unless you steal or break something) but try to be more conscious of the reality of being a boardshop in the world right meow. So with this little introduction finished, here is our list of 7 things you shouldn’t do in a skate/snowboard shop.


  1. Steal – Just don’t do it. It’s not fun for anybody. You wanna go steal something, go to Walmart or your neighbor’s house that is always complaining you make too much noise skating in the street or blaring Wu-Tang at midnight. Just not from a mom and pop family-owned Boardshop. Cause that means we gotta call the cops and make it a whole fiasco and simply put, we don’t have the time for it.
  2. Immediately Ask What’s on Sale – Yes we know you’re not made of cash or have an Amex Black Card but we’re a locally owned shop so we can’t afford to throw everything we have on sale. If we did, we might as well just give stuff away for free. Yes we do have a sale table & rack which we more than encourage you to see. Just please don’t immediately ask us what’s discounted that day.
  3. Take Pictures of Product You’ll End Up Buying Online – We get it. The internet is a great thing. Online shopping is the world’s eighth wonder but if you’re gonna do it, don’t just use us as your showroom. It’s insulting. And pompous.
  4. Tell Us They Have it at Zumiez – Zumiez is the Walmart of Skateboarding & Snowboarding. We say anything else and it’ll get vulgar. You shop local, we eat for a month.
  5. Inquire about Inline Skates – We’re a skate & snowboard shop. So…we don’t carry those.
  6. Inquire about Scooters – See above.
  7. Steal – Seriously. Don’t steal from us or any other local skate or snowboard shop. Nobody likes to deal with it but if we have to, we will. Granted, we could always use someone to clean our bathrooms.

So there’s our somewhat thought about 7 Things Not to Do in Skate/Snowboard Shop. Take from it what you will and be a little more conscious the next time you come into the shop. We’re not telling you not do this but just double think yourself sometimes. We’re not idiots. Most of us are in college and some of us graduated too. We know our shit and we hope you can appreciate that. Enjoy the rest of your week…I love winter and I know it’s coming but I hate scraping frost off my car.