We’re gonna be on TV Mom!

Kyle has been working on these 2 Phatman TV commercials that will be airing soon on your local boob-tube…
You can also make comments on them so feel free to leave your name and what you think of our fine new advertising.

Got Nikes?

Well if you havn’t been into the Transit shop recently, the Nike SB portion of the shoe wall looks pretty stocked.  We’ve also brought in a few new clothing lines, such as Commune and Jeepney and that’s why Kyle made this video to showcase both of the above:

Sheridan: Back to School

Well it’s back to school time again and we’re doing a big sale here at the Sheridan Store to help everyone get excited for the worst time of the year….SCHOOL!  Here is a list of all the sales happening RIGHT NOW so get your butt in here:

All Shoes are Buy 1, Get 1 Half Off.

All Mens Shorts are 50% Off! (That’s crazy).

Phatman T-Shirts are $9.99 with any purchase.

Skateboards come with free grip and all completes are $10 off!

Select jeans starting at $39.99.

Select T-Shirts starting at $9.99 and a whole rack of T-Shirts that are 50% off the original price.

Every day there seems to be new snowboarding stuff in the shop and its near impossible to get pictures up of everything because its a lot.  So come into the shop and check out the new 2009-2010 snow lines from Burton, Forum, Neff and Thirty-Two.  If you need boots DO NOT WAIT because 32 goes fast.

Sheridan: 2010 Forum Snowboards have arrived!

Snowboarding season has officially kicked off at Phatman and Sheridan Shop has gotten the first shipment of 2010 Snowboards….

A few of the new 2010 Forum snowboards here at the shop:

Manual Mens Board in Blue (147, 150, 156) and Yellow (153)

From Top: Forum Image in sizes 149, 153, 156, 156w, 158w, 161w.  The Forum Youngblood in sizes 154, 156, 157W, 159W and this year Forum is introducing their new reverse chamber boards titled “Chili Dog” in a few different style boards and we have a Youngblood Chili Dog (its the one all the way to the right in the picture) and its a 149.  The Manual has also came in in sizes 147, 150, 156 (Blue) and a 153 (Yellow).  The assorted pictures consists of a Womans board the Amor (146), the Substance Chilly Dog Rocker (152), the Destroyer (154W), and the Scheme (154w) Bob Ross Edition boards.

As I am writing this, 7 boxes of Burton stuff is being dropped off so I’m gonna try to get some photos up of that soon!

Sheridan: New Product Updates

It has been raining so much lately that we were stuck inside the shop with a camera and a jankie fisheye set up on Kyle’s HVX.  We decided to show you some of the new stuff to hit the shop via video

Site Update: Ever since I changed over to the white-background page I never put the Team section at the top.  No one even noticed until I did yesterday, but its up there now…

Sheridan: More Shop Tees!

New and old prints of some Phatman t-shirts in a variety of colors.  Come check them out because Kyle broke his phone taking these pictures for you to see….

Warped Tour: Thursday, July 16th

For all of you who are going to Warped Tour this Thursday, we will have a tent set up so make sure you come by and hang out with us.  We will have some t-shirts and other stuff for sale and we will be selling these limited edition Phatman t-shirts: