Endless Summer

It’s August. July’s gone and now it’s almost time to head back to classes. Bummer of a feeling or not if you’re into learning and reading. Regardless, usually you have a late summer vacation planned to stun the feeling of going back to the grind in the fall. We feel the same way. So we have decided to throw a few outfits together that will help you catch that babe’s eye on the beach or at the kan jam session. If you purchase the outfit pictured, you’ll get 10% off your total as well as receiving a complimentary Vans Trucker Hat.

photo 1

Fourstar Tank with Volcom Frickin Mod Chino Short

photo 2

LRG Core Collection Stripe Tank with LRG CC Icon Boardshort

photo 3

Vans Core Basic Tank with Volcom Maguro Solid Boardshort

photo 4Vans Glenway Tank with the Volcom 38er Boardshort

So there you have a few outfits from us but we’re positive you have a pretty solid fashion sense as well, so feel free to pair any boardshort with a tank top and receive 10% off and a free Vans Trucker hat. The only thing missing is a sunburn and maybe a new summer fling. Enjoy Vacation. Or Classes. Or both if you’re Jeff Spicoli.