Finally Snow, Spray Skiers & SOTY 2013

Apparently there’s a chance of us getting 2 feet of snow in the near future according to The Weather Channel? And by near future, we mean Wednesday and Thursday. That’s right, Lake Effect Snow coming in hot. So start faking the cough and the fever and get ready to shred. This is the first time in awhile we’ve seen some heavy snow in December and resorts open this early. Take advantage of it. By no means should you be contemplating whether or not it’s a good idea to skip out on work, miss your mom’s birthday or worry about your dog. They’ll forgive you…eventually. Not saying you have to be selfish but some Me-Time with your buds is always encouraged. Oh yeah, go check out Erik Leon’s Full Part over at YoBeat. Wear two pairs of underwear. Also, click here to find yet another reason to hate skiers.

And…drumroll… SKATER OF THE YEAR 2013. ISHOD WAIR. Big congrats. It was a tough competition but Ishod deserved it. You can talk shit about how he didn’t or someone else did more or was gnarlier but face it, you’re not Thrasher Magazine and you’re only one person. Maybe your dude will get it next year. Kudos Ishod. Make this fullscreen.

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