Girls Girls Girls

So I don’t know if anyone has checked out the Berrics lately but they recently put up an edit coming from girls belonging to the Poseiden Foundation  at obviously, the berrics. Elissa Steamer is probably the only girl skater that comes to your mind when you think of girls that skate. But watch this, because the playing field is not just for dudes anymore. Holy smokes. These chicks can rip. And not just a rock to fakie or a kickflip. The opener is from Nora Vasconcellos, who one, is gorgeous and two, puts down some pretty gnarly tricks. She’s a keeper for sure. Did you see that frontside air over the hip?… meow.


Here at the shop we’re already nervous around girls, so the ones that can shred…might as well just make it 6th grade again and make us the kook picking his nose dreaming of those kinda chicks. Definitely give credit where credit is due and be on the lookout for some female skaters on the rise. Check out Poseiden Foundation too. Great cause. Keeping the sport alive.

Wes Kremer’s Run & Gun was interesting to watch. Did he give a shit? Maybe. Did Bambi’s mom get shot by a deer? Yeah. The choice is up to you. Click here to watch.


Snowboard stuff coming in very soon. Keep an ear out for ’em. Happy Monday Y’all

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