Happy Holidays from Phatman!

From everyone at the shop including shop dawgs Ollie and Skadie, Happy Holidays! We’re excited to be entering 2017 with a calendar full of events, new products, and even more charisma than Sean Connery in a James Bond film.


January 13th and 17th will be the Late Night Great Nights over at Kissing Bridge, so mark your calendars and skip that 3rd dinner date that you thought you were going to get some action on because on Late Night Great Night, everybody gets some action.

LNGN Tickets will be $10. I know, it went up $2 from last year but hey, times are tough and sometimes you gotta bite the bullet. Even if that means you can’t get an XL coffee from Tim Horton’s and you got to stick to the Medium.

Details to come. Stay patient and get out there. Lake effect this year has been a blessing. Happy New Years. Drink prosecco, not champagne, it’s cheaper and tastes almost the same.