Happy Hour

Happy Friday! Hopefully by now you’re out of school or work and enjoying a beverage at happy hour or skating into the weekend. We’re doing it too but we wanted to share this video with you from Brixton. Sip & Enjoy.

Get your Snowboard or Skis tuned now before we get slammed. Wide Selection of Snowboard Rentals available too. Also, Thanks to Schussmeisters & Holiday Valley for another Solid Fifth Season Festival. We’ll be putting up pictures from the event pretty soon so be on the lookout for those. In other news, we just got new decks, wheels & trucks in from Eastern. Stop in to see the new selection and grab yourself a crispy deck, pair of shoes (we have Fallen, Habitat, Supra & Circa Shoes on Sale) and some apparel for the Fall & Winter. The Holiday season is coming up and we know you’re not the best at picking out gifts so we have Gift Certificates available for you. See? We just solved your holiday shopping problem. Have a good weekend, see some of you in Ellicottville for Oktoberfest and the Ski Swap. Grab a Board & Bindings for Cheap. WAH-POW!

This is for the ladies in the house. Burton Women’s Snowboarding. Harder than you.