LaSalle Park Opening Day

rock gap

That rock gap? Yeah not a problem. Melon grab. Frank Knab

Although the Skate Plaza at LaSalle Park officially opened today with Mayor Byron Brown cutting the red ribbon to signal its grand opening, people have been skating this plaza for the past few weeks. From the 3 stair to the 6 stair, the hubbas and the fluid wide snake run, there’s something for everyone to hit in this park. News is that if this park is successful, the city will plan on constructing another one. This means get there and rip it up. For skaters living up in the northtowns, it’s about a 10-15 minute drive depending on traffic. Head down the I-90 and get off at exit 9, Porter St. Take a right and then a left and you’re there. Head down there in the morning if you want the place to yourself for a few hours. Bring water and stretch.