Pepsi Refresh: Tonawanda Skate Park

Just wanted to remind everyone about the great things the friends and family of Gregory Holler are doing for their own Tonawanda Skate Park project.  Working with the City of Tonawanda, the project plans to build a brand new 100% free skate park in Tonawanda.

At the same time, Pepsi is holding their Refresh Project – where different community ideas can receive grants from Pepsi to get their ideas started or finished.  By voting, the top 10 ideas from each price range will receive their grant money.  The Tonawanda Skate Park is asking for a $50,000 grant to finish the skate park here in Tonawanda, they are currently in 63rd place but need your votes to reach the top 10. Come on they were in like 100th place

Without sounding like beggars or something, everyone here would appreciate it if you took 5 minutes out of your day to vote for a great town and a great family that is pulling together for an amazing cause.

Vote in the frame above, or go to Also make sure to visit the Tonawanda Skate Park on Facebook and let them know you voted!