Random Tuesday Skate Edit

A lot of the best spots around Buffalo are the schools. So it’s pretty hard to find a spot to skate at 2pm on a Tuesday that isn’t Lockport Skate Park, which is the place to go when you’re too lazy to think of street spots. So we hit up the Waterfront ledges and got kicked out after an hour (which is rare) then made our way over to Kyles house and ate a Souvlaki salad from his girlfriend like neanderthals. Kyle suggested we get real food at Captain Jack’s on Elmwood which is skating distance from his house. Matt was bummed as usual because his lack of a wallet/any sort of monetary establishment. Get the Chicken/Fish sandwich = tasty. North Tonawanda Ledge spot was my suggestion which ended up being the best and longest session of the day. Next time we’ll get some tricks on the parking block rail/ledge. It’s Super Funtastical!

Starring: Matt Gantress, Bearclaw Steve, Kyle Toth.
Filmed and Edited by Ryan Delmar