Something for your Saturday

So we all know Geoff Rowley.  Incredible skater, Outdoorsy guy, Englishman, huge fan of Motörhead. And if you have been keeping up with the Berrics then you know he was selected as Battle Commander. Stop what you’re doing right now and go watch it. The part is stupid good. Set to some Beatles (of course, Rowley’s from Liverpool, so what other band would you expect?) the part has everything…bails, absolute hammers and appearances by Koston, Gonzalez and Jamie Thomas. Personally, this has been the best Battle Commander this year. Miller’s part was solid and so was Jamie’s, but Rowley’s just annihilates them both. If you want to debate us then check the other ones out right here.

I like to think that skaters are like wine, the older they get the better and more complex they become. Watching Geoff put together his part was creative as all hell. You can’t disagree that his part has been one of the more creative ones. Here’s to you Geoff. Keep killing it and hopefully Flip decides to create another video before you get attacked by a bear out hunting. Cheers mate or whatever English people say.