Schussmeisters Ski Club Member Limo Ride

This WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 2nd any Schussmeister Ski Club Members are welcome to take a FREE Limo ride from the Student Union to the shop here at 2889 Sheridan Drive for exclusive deals on your 2011-2012 snowboarding gear.
Save 10% on any item in the store (except skateboard hardgoods), Full Season Snowboarding rentals (now through April 15th) starting at $80.99 (that includes the 10% off, normally $89.99), BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF T-Shirts, Jeans, Hoodies and Shoes, and $18 Full Tunes (bring board in the limo, normally $32!).

Make sure to join the Facebook event here and go sign up at 360 Student Union to reserve your spot and we will see you on Wednesday!