Skateboard Jewelry, Nike SB Lock In & SOTY

So the jewelry part might have you thrown you off and you may think that we’re not into jewelry here, but this jewelry is pretty rad. It’s made from old skate decks and really well crafted. It’s a one woman operation behind Trebird Jewelry and she’s based right here in Buffalo, NY. Her work is unique and unlike anything we’ve seen before. There are chairs made from old decks and shelves too but how often do you see bracelets & earrings? The jewelry is different every time because a different deck is used each time so no one piece is alike. So if you’re looking to get your girlfriend a gift for the holidays or your mom something personal, find your old skate decks and send ’em to Trebird Jewelry! Skateboard Jewelry at its finest…and we’ll let you in on a little secret. We’ll be selling some here at the shop just in time for the holiday season. The first link is to her Etsy page and the second is to her Facebook. Go check it out!

Also if you’re not watching the Berrics Nike SB lock in, you should. Cause it’s a great way to waste your Saturday. A list of 616 tricks from Tranny to Manny. Flatground to Ledges. All have to be completed in 24-hours while locked inside the Berrics. So head over there to watch PRod, Shane O’Neill, Ben Raybourn, Ishod Wair & the rest of the Nike SB team try to check off this insane list of tricks. Is there even food provided? Are bathroom breaks allowed or is Theotis Beasley rocking a nice pair of Depends? We don’t know. But we wouldn’t mind wearing adult diapers. Saves time and really diminishes the use of wearing underwear. Also it’s the time of the year to Vote for THRASHER’S SKATER OF THE YEAR. You gonna go with the OG Jim Greco or the young buck slayer of tranny Ben Raybourn? Ishod Wair, Collin Provost, Bob Burnquist (Old but still ripping), Mark Suciu, Clint Walker, David Gravette (Dirtiest Mustache), Brandon Westgate (So hot right now), Dane Burman (Mad Man), Nyjah Huston (Will Win either this year or next year), and Tommy Sandoval are all on the list as well. Choose wisely and Vote your little hearts out. Here’s Ben Raybourn’s part Raybourn Identity. Enjoy.