Snowboard Rentals

If you are wondering “should I start or even try snowboarding?” or possibly, “I haven’t snowboarded in forever and I want to start again but boards and bindings are so expensive” then read the following closely. We offer snowboard rentals at from our shop in Buffalo. For the whole winter season. And it’s pretty affordable. New to snowboarding but don’t want to commit to purchasing a board, bindings and a pair of boots? Then renting is the perfect solution. It’s a way to try it out without breaking the bank. Even if a buddy of yours gave you an old board with bindings but you need boots, we can let you rent boots for the whole season as well.

When you come in, we’re not going to just throw some shitty board, bindings and boots at you and tell you to go on your way. We’ll ask the questions necessary when figuring out what equipment you should be riding. Whether it’s your first time, your 30th or your 6th season in a row, we’ll try our best to find the most fitting and accommodating board, boots and bindings. If you’re going to try park out this year, we’ll get you a softer jib board with some tweakable bindings and boots. Charging lines? We’ll set you up with an all mountain directional twin with some stiffer boots and bindings. No matter how you’re trying to ride, we’ll use the rest of our damaged and undeveloped brains to get you the best fit.

So next time you are wondering if you should start snowboarding or pick it back up again, don’t go searching for excuses not to go. Save it because there are 100 other reasons you should snowboard. For the exercise, the women, the feeling of sweet, fluffy white stuff flowing beneath your feet, the women and the après beverages. Prices you ask? We have three deals listed below depending on the quality of the board, bindings and boots you want.

Snowboard Rental Packages:

  • Basic: $129.99 (Decent Quality)
  • Performance: $149.99 (Better Quality)
  • Proformance: $169.99 (Best Quality)

All of the Rentals are due back in mid-April and if you don’t, that credit card of yours will start racking up some charges. Don’t be a clown, return your rental on time. Got questions? Call us at 716-837-8743 or fill out our contact form.