Snowskates, Bonezone’s Demise & this Season’s Forecast

First off, this is amazing. Watch it and try to fathom the amount of balls it took to attempt this. Are snowskates in these days?

After seeing this, Snowskates just got a little bit more credibility.

So, if you haven’t heard or checked YoBeat lately, the infamous Bonezone has been torn down, ripped apart and left as merely firewood and bent metal. The wonderland of logs, rails and every other jib obstacle you can image was laid to rest at the hands of a few chainsaws and some ruthless, fun destroying cops. Rest in Peace Bonezone, you’ve inspired us all to put our hands to work and try to create our own little park away from the park. It is a bummer that when you get a bunch of your homies together, put the hours in to build something, and then a bunch of cops put the kibosh on the whole thing. Did the Bonezone hurt anyone? No. Did they Bonezone have a negative impact? No. Did the Bonezone create fun and inspire creativity? Hell yeah. Regardless, before the Bonezone had an epitaph, a nice little edit was put together by Ted Borland.

A true bittersweet ending. You’ll be missed Bonezone and the edits that came from you. Maybe this will inspire you and your pals to create one for yourself. Never Forget.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 2.58.26 PM

Farmer’s Almanac is saying we’re supposed to have bitterly cold and snowy Winter but with all this past rain, it looks like its going to be wet. The best thing we can hope for is a wet winter with freezing temperatures to get some snow dropped on us from the lakes. It’s Buffalo so who knows what we’ll get but every year we pray that we’ll see snow by December. Maybe this year we’ll get lucky. Our friends over at the Boardroom in Ellicottville posted a picture of a nice coating they got this past week so the hopes are high.


And if you’re reading this you should be at the Mucho Jib Jam which we will be posting pictures from once we upload ’em. Good luck to all the filmers and photographers today; anybody has a shot at winning. Seriously, anybody.