Sock Sundays

image_6The Uncommon Thread. You can’t beat a pair of socks from Stance. From the combed cotton to the deep heel pockets and the seamless toe closure, their products are the Cadillacs of socks. For skating, shredding or just kickin’ back, they have a style for you. We got Snowboard pairs, Skate pairs, and pairs for that one cousin’s wedding who you’ve never met but got the invite anyway. Every Sunday will be Sock Sunday which means buy one pair of Stance socks and get the 2nd pair 20% off. Happy Sunday.

image_3The hole in sock bum look is good for about a month until you have to get a job. Unless that job is being a lifeguard. If that’s the case then there’s no shame wearing socks and sandals and being a shoobie while pretending to supervise a local seniors only pool.