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Cupsole vs Vulcanized Skate Shoes: The Great Argument

An argument that has been hotly contested as much as is a hot dog a sandwich? Who really was JFK’s assassin? Did Yoko break up the Beatles? Is it considered blasphemy to eat pizza with a knife and a fork? All of these questions have typically two sides. Much like the bipartisanship of skate shoes…. Read more »

New Shoes – Vans and Emerica

What’s up homies. Dog days of summer are in full effect. Although the weather has been a bit moist, there’s been some days full of sunshine and perfect summer nights. We’re still in the process of setting up an online shop to sell Shop Shirts, Decks and some other stuff so check back in for… Read more »

Made In Emerica | Chapter 1

Romero. Provost. Westgate and Leabres. Absolute hammer of a vid. and it’s only Chapter 1. Awesome.

Back to School kicks from Emerica.

It is our pleasure to present The Reynolds Low.  Lightweight. Comfortable. And Breathable. Actually Breathable is an understatement. Carries the full-length G6 high-rebound foam. Great for heavy impact landings. Clean one piece toe cap for better flick and durability. Pretty much a gift sent by the Shoe Gods. Can’t beat a Classic. Especially with Brandon… Read more »

From Emerica…

The Jinx 2 The Reynolds 3 High Reynolds review of his new shoe… http://youtu.be/MTE6ovZe5Ow