Walker Ryan’s Part & Welcome Skateboards

You should check out Walker Ryan’s Part “A Far Walk From Home”. Why? Cause there’s some pretty cool global spots in there and the man can switch flip and switch 360 flip over some gnarly stuff like a boss.


We’d also like to give you the inside scoop of what’s coming new to the shop. If you’ve heard of Welcome Skateboards, you’re in luck. The first thing you’ll notice about these is the deck shapes. Give a man a bandsaw and let the creativity explode. Now we won’t tell you which ones we having coming in but we can tell you that a have a good amount ordered. We suggest you go over and check out the shape guide here. The Time Traveler, Nimbus 3000 and Squidbeak are some of our favorites. The team’s skating is definitely unorthodox but there aren’t guidelines in skating so have at it. Pretty creative moves..