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Thank You for Coming Out!

Thanks to everyone for coming out last night to the movie premiere of ThirtyTwo’s ‘2032’. We appreciate all the support and love from our customers, friends, and family. The movie premiere went off without a hitch, minus the whole projector not working but that’s why we have numerous TV’s around the shop. The beers were flowing, the minipipe was getting shredded and the tube steaks were being grilled to perfection. Couldn’t have asked for a better premiere. We look forward to seeing everybody again at the annual Mucho Jib Jam over at KB on the 14th of November. Here’s a few photos of some goons from the premiere. More will be added so don’t get butt hurt if you don’t see yourself. Cheers and thanks again.








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Thanks for the Award Artvoice!

We are very happy to announce we have just been awarded the “Best Snowboard / Ski Gear” of Buffalo for 2015 by the friendly folks over at Artvoice. The Best of Buffalo Awards are an annual tradition ran by Artvoice showcasing the best places in Buffalo to Eat, Drink, Shop, See a Concert, Get Drunk,  pretty much anything you can imagine, there’s a Best of Buffalo for it. Click here to see a full listing of the awards. Anyways, we’d like to thank everyone out there who supports us in what we do, from the Companies to the Reps to our loyal Customers, we wouldn’t be here without your non-stop support and patronage. Cheers homies.



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Phatman Edit & Getting Old

Here it is. We finally got our shit together and made an edit. Enjoy!

And for most of us, getting old sucks. You lose hair, put on some weight (maybe not if you would get off of your couch and stop watching the battle at the berrics all damn day) and have to pay more bills. But the the fun part about skating is you can always push and throw down tricks that you know by heart. Just be careful not to slam because you might actually break something. I don’t know what I’m talking about, just watch this. Ishod’s SOTY trip. It’s nawwsty.

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Phatman Goes to Mt. Bachelor

If you haven’t seen, which you probably haven’t because we didn’t really pay too much attention to social media while we were out there but, some of us headed out to Mt. Bachelor on the Schuss Excursion Trip last week. A few words to describe the trip are no tax, powder, bluebird days, trollfoot, decriminalization, fish tacos, breweries, park laps and dollar drinks. Oregon is a hell of state. And the city of Bend is one hospitable town. Free pizza and lasagna, shit, might as well throw in free drinks and continental breakfasts. Oh that’s right, you guys did. Next time you face the decision of a place to go for a trip, choose Mt. Bachelor. Creative park, tree runs for days, tasty bloody marys and it’s where Superpark takes place. Go ahead and try to argue. There is some footage that’s being processed right now into a nice little edit so you’ll have to wait for that but it’s a Phatman x Schussmeisters collab. Which we are real stoked for. To hold you over, we’ll post some pictures. And if you’re wondering what Trollfoot means, well…you just had to be there.

In other news, save the date for Feb. 9th. cause we have our 2nd Annual Alix Rice Peace Park Fundraiser at the Main-Transit Fire Hall. Click here to learn more about it and all the fun stuff we got going on there. As you know by now, we’ve been trying to get this skatepark built in honor of Alix Rice and to add to the number of parks in Buffalo. So come out and show some support so we can get this thing built. That’s it and all for now. Keep your eye out for an edit. Stay tuned…

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Hola Mucho Jib Jam

Mucho Jib Jam 2013

Hola Amigos. De Mucho Jib Jam is back yet again. This Saturday, November 9th down at Kissing Bridge. Registration at noon. See all you esés there. Vamos!

Mucho Jib Jam 7x9


Preview some old edits of the Mucho Jib Jam. Click on a link below

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2nd Annual Fifth Season Festival

It’s that time of year again. Time to break out the sweaters, the flannels and dust off your boots. We’re kickstarting the season early. We’re happy to be apart of Schussmeisters 2nd Annual Fifth Season Festival. Last year we brought in all the boxes and skate stuff for everyone to shred and we’re doing it again! Holiday Valley will be bringing in the fun along with some snow boxes and rails to get your whistle wet before the resorts open up for the season. The event will begin at 3 PM with the skate jam kicking it off. So next thursday clear your schedule and head over to The U Bar for some skatin’, some shreddin’ and some good ol’ fashioned college fun. Bar Party after for those of legal boozing age.


Download this flyer and pass it around to your friends and sisters.

Here’s an edit of last’s year First Annual Fifth Season Festival. The bar footage wasn’t allowed to be put in.

1st Annual ‘Fifth Season Festival’ from Holiday Valley on Vimeo.

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Port Colborne Edit!

So we decided to wander over to Port Colborne and see what they had to offer at their local park. Of course the camera was brought. Thanks Canada! You guys rule at poutine and skateparks. and hockey. and beer.

Hopefully we’ll be back over to skate the St. Catharines park soon. and snag some poutine.


This weather right now is a bummer but you can always go to x-wheels to get your fix. We’re starting to get some more snow stuff in so that’s pretty rad. Oh and we have those super ultra limited CAPiTA skate decks in. They’re all 8.25 so come on in and grab one. We just got some Coal Headwear products in. Looking like we’re gonna have a pretty fun season ahead of us. All last year’s snow stuff is still 30-50% off but you already know that by now. Also we love when people fall. Gotta love Thrasher’s Hall of Meat. But this could’ve easily been avoided. Just pop an ollie dude. C’mon man.

Even though falling is funny, it sucks when it happens to you but just get up and walk it off. Don’t be a wuss like every other kid that watches MTV and is afraid to take a tumble. Kids these days…anyways enjoy the rest of this god awful weather weekend and cozy up with your favorite film. I’m going with Fully Flared or Sorry. It’s not winter just yet.