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ThirtyTwo 2032 Movie Premiere

We’ll be hosting a Movie Premiere for the upcoming ThirtyTwo ‘2032’ movie on October 16th. The grill will be out along with the a skate setup outside the shop. There is going to be a game of SKATE for some prizes too. You’ll be able to skate and grab some hot dawgs before we play… Read more »

Capita Defenders of Awesome 2: Stay Bad Ass Movie Premiere

Clear your schedule, cancel your anniversary dinner, and tell your Grandma that you’re going to have bail on that game of Bridge with her and her AARP members. We’re throwing a Movie Premiere party for the highly anticipated, action packed, 2nd installment of Capita’s Defenders of Awesome: STAY BADASS. The movie premiere party will be… Read more »

Alix Rice Memorial Walk

Three years ago in July of 2011, Alix Rice was on her way home from a night of work at Bocce’s Club Pizzeria on Hopkins Road. She was pushing home on her longboard along Heim Road when she was struck by a drunk driver. She was killed instantly. The driver of the car? Dr. James… Read more »

Schu-B-Q & Skate Jam

On April 25th, we will be throwing a Barbeque/Skate Demo/Game of SKATE & tons more with our friends over at Schussmeisters Ski Club. The BBQ will be taking place at the Basketball Courts behind the Ellicott Dorms at UB’s North Campus. They’re located off of Frontier Rd, parking will be available in the dorm parking… Read more »

Mucho Jib Jam Photos & More

Big shoutout to Kissing Bridge, East Coast Wax, the Park Guys from KB and everyone who attended this year’s Mucho Jib Jam! Here are the photos from this year’s event…Enjoy! Remember, for all you filmers and photographers out there,  you still have till this saturday at midnight to post your video entry & photo to… Read more »

Hola Mucho Jib Jam

Mucho Jib Jam 2013 Hola Amigos. De Mucho Jib Jam is back yet again. This Saturday, November 9th down at Kissing Bridge. Registration at noon. See all you esés there. Vamos!   Preview some old edits of the Mucho Jib Jam. Click on a link below

2nd Annual Fifth Season Festival

It’s that time of year again. Time to break out the sweaters, the flannels and dust off your boots. We’re kickstarting the season early. We’re happy to be apart of Schussmeisters 2nd Annual Fifth Season Festival. Last year we brought in all the boxes and skate stuff for everyone to shred and we’re doing it… Read more »

Port Colborne Edit!

So we decided to wander over to Port Colborne and see what they had to offer at their local park. Of course the camera was brought. Thanks Canada! You guys rule at poutine and skateparks. and hockey. and beer. Hopefully we’ll be back over to skate the St. Catharines park soon. and snag some poutine…. Read more »

Phatman Trashsquatch II

Phatman Trashsquatch

Join the dudes from Phatman Boardshop at GHH Memorial Skate Park, AKA Ives Park in the City of Tonawanda July 13th. Skate Jam and Event Registration begins at 12 Noon.  Help us out and pick up some trash others may have left around the park and get a FREE Vans Cap and Water bottle !… Read more »


River front cleanup

Join the dudes from Phatman on June 29th on the Bike Path at Niawanda Park river front for our second annual River front cleanup. Pack up your boards & beach gear and enjoy an afternoon of fun in the sun. Push Cruise and Carve along the majestic Niagara River bike path and show some Boarder Eco… Read more »