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ThirtyTwo Gear

2014 ThirtyTwo Boots & Outerwear Phatman Boardshop ThirtyTwo Boots and Softgoods are in. Easy, easy…we know you’re itching to come see what goodies we got in so we’ll show you a few pictures of the inventory. Put your pants back on. Prion, Lashed, TM-Two, JP Walker Light….the list goes on Peanut Butter & Jelly. Crab… Read more »

Happy Hour

Happy Friday! Hopefully by now you’re out of school or work and enjoying a beverage at happy hour or skating into the weekend. We’re doing it too but we wanted to share this video with you from Brixton. Sip & Enjoy. Get your Snowboard or Skis tuned now before we get slammed. Wide Selection of… Read more »

Stuff that’s New

 New Snowboards, Boots & Bindings and New Skate Shoes Been lacking on the new product posting. Our bad. We’ll make it up by posting some pictures of some new product in the shop. Also, Come get your boards tuned before the first snow falls and everyone rushes in. Snowboard Boots Burton’s Rampant & Hail. Rampant’s… Read more »

2nd Annual Fifth Season Festival

It’s that time of year again. Time to break out the sweaters, the flannels and dust off your boots. We’re kickstarting the season early. We’re happy to be apart of Schussmeisters 2nd Annual Fifth Season Festival. Last year we brought in all the boxes and skate stuff for everyone to shred and we’re doing it… Read more »

Port Colborne Edit!

So we decided to wander over to Port Colborne and see what they had to offer at their local park. Of course the camera was brought. Thanks Canada! You guys rule at poutine and skateparks. and hockey. and beer. Hopefully we’ll be back over to skate the St. Catharines park soon. and snag some poutine…. Read more »

Girls Girls Girls

So I don’t know if anyone has checked out the Berrics lately but they recently put up an edit coming from girls belonging to the Poseiden Foundation  at obviously, the berrics. Elissa Steamer is probably the only girl skater that comes to your mind when you think of girls that skate. But watch this, because the playing… Read more »

Who’s Ready for Winter?

A nice little edit coming from Frank with shots in the backcountry. Get you all stoked for the upcoming season…cheers. Watch in full screen

Snowboard Films Preview. Our Opinion

It’s about that time of year again when all the teasers and previews you watched over at YoBeat and Snowboarder with your pants down over summer have come to full circle. Opening up 2014’s, is it considered next year’s films? Doesn’t matter, but kicking down the door is Lick The Cat’s film, ‘Project LTC’ which is now… Read more »

Phatman “MUCHO JIB JAM” at Kissing Bridge, November 11th, 2012

  It’s that time of year again, we are calling out all of our Jibbers to attend the PHATMAN 6th Annual “Mucho Jib Jam 2012” which will be held at the central location of Kissing Bridge. Show up early and register NOVEMBER 11th, to ride on some rails and boxes, snow will be hauled in… Read more »